Why Bali is Beautiful

If you haven’t heard of Bali you must have been living under a rock somewhere for the past few years. Bali, a small island hidden in the land of Indonesia, is now one of the most sought out travel destination of the 21st century. Travellers far and wide flock to Denpasar airport to get their dose of island life and who could blame them for doing so, here are six reason why we think Bali is beautiful.

 It’s Paradise
It has everything you need, its got the sun, the sand, the beach, the waves, the jungle, even the rain feels good when the clouds roll in. People come here to forget their troubles and escape into that picture perfect life that we see on instagram everyday, however to witness the true beauty that is Bali you need to experience it, not through the social media screen but with your own eyes walking through the rice fields of Tegallalang or watching the sunset over Uluwatu.

It’s Relaxed and Care Free
Being surrounded by paradise gives you the ultimate rest from the constant rush of life. You can’t find a more carefree place than Bali as locals don’t understand the words ‘busy’ or ‘stressed’. Troubles seem to melt away and problems disappear, it is a general agreement that time moves slowly and people enjoy the present rather than stressing over the future. You will find it very difficult to not relax in such a peaceful environment, especially when you’re sunbathing on the sands of Kuta beach.

The Food is Amazing
Balinese cuisine taste fresher, more organic and just down right delicious. You can fill yourself up on Nasi Camper, Nasi Goreng or switch to juicy fruit platters and Açaí Bowls that excite your tastebuds. Don’t worry about the cost as nothing is overly expensive, it’s easy to spoil yourself when you’re surrounded by such foods goodness and it will always leave you wanting more.

There’s a Whole Lot of Culture
Ubud is known to be the cultural hub of Bali however you can witness the customs and traditions anywhere, there is an abundance of dance performances, sacred temples, ceremonies and times of prayer throughout the island at any given moment. Our favourite happened to be the daily offerings of incense, rice or sweets laid on streets and shop floors to respect and workshop their gods. Be prepared to be experience culture shock at its finest is you haven’t already.

The Activities are Endless
You can come relax in villas and their infinity pools or you can spend your days filled with the endless amount of activities that Bali has to offer. There is something for everyone, for starters you can take a boat ride to the Gili Islands or Nusa Lembongan. You get your water fix from the endless surf beaches and snorkelling spots surrounding the coast. Time spent indulging the markets and local food joints won’t be wasted. Lastly, for the adventure seekers and explorers, take a scooter ride to ends of the island and get lost in the many trails that lead you amongst the jungle.


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