Two Day Travel Guide for Bangkok – Nine Things You Must Do

Two Day Travel Guide for Bangkok – Nine Things You Must Do

My grandad once told me that Thailand has to be on your bucket list before you die. A little dramatic to say the least but he wasn’t wrong. Bangkok has been given mixed reviews over the years but because it was the first destination on our travel series we thought we would give it the benefit of the doubt and try two days at least.  We did our research and visited lots of places within the two days and loved it. Here is our Two Day Travel Guide for Bangkok.

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Day 1

Explore Khao San Day & Night.

Khao San Road is probably the most popular tourist destination in Bangkok. Not only is this huge area filled with like minded backpackers and people looking for a good time but it’s also filled with restaurants, spas and market stalls filled with souvenirs. What was once a simple street has now turned into a whole neighbourhood due to the popularity with travellers. Even if you didn’t want to party all night, you could grab a tasty meal or wander around the endless markets stalls.

Tip: We definitely recommend seeing it in the daytime and past sunset to see the change in the atmosphere.

Eat Food from the Street Stalls.

Street stalls are what Asia is all about. I don’t think you can come to Thailand without exploring all of it’s amazing types of foods and eating at least one Pad Thai a day. A great area to explore would be Ram Buttri Road (two minutes from Khao San Road), you’ll be amazed at what you can eat for the price you pay. We recommend you stop at Gecko’s Bar to satisfy your appitite.

Buy a Smoothie or Juice.

Tropical countries have the best range of fruits and one of Thailand’s best qualities is that they mash them all together to make something look so beautiful and taste so fresh, perfect for those hot sunny days. Fruit is quite hard to find on it’s own here (unless you don’t mind it packaged in sheets of plastic), the best way to make sure you get your five a day is by smoothies or juices made fresh right in front of you.

Go for a Wander Around the City.

If you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of Khao San, Bangkoks Centre is great to see a totally different side of city, offering more of modern and sophisticated look compared to the Backpackers haven. There are also a few shopping malls around Bangkok such as MBK, Terminal 21 and The Platinum Fashion Mall where you can buy mostly anything at a decent price.

Tip: Even though it’s a mall you can still haggle with some of the stalls inside.D

Day 2

Visit the Temples.

We planned on visiting the Grand Palace however when we queued up at 8am we decided it just wasn’t worth the tourist trap we were setting ourselves up for. We still think the Grand Palace is such a beautiful temple however we found a few others that were a little quieter and less expensive. Wat Pho, Wat Arun and Wat Benchamabophit happen to be our favourite temples located around Bangkok. 

Tip: Wat Benchamabophit opens up at 6am which is the perfect time to catch the sunrise and also it’s incredibly quiet at this time so great for photos without the random by stander. Entry is donation based.T

Take a Tuk-Tuk.

This was Luke’s first time on a Tuk Tuk and he loved every second of it. Of course make sure that you barter for each Tuk Tuk otherwise you’ll end up paying more than a taxi back home! Establish the price and maybe google where you are heading before hand if you don’t know how far it is. It is however, such a great experience, almost like you’re go-karting around Bangkok’s vast streets!

Tip: Download the Grab app. It’s very similar to UBER and they charge a set price.

Night Markets –  Chatuchak Market

Night Markets are always a good idea, their cheap, creative and full of culture. We happened to stumble upon Chatuchak which is the biggest market in Bangkok. With over 15,000 stalls to choose from ranging in clothing to food to furniture you could spend hours wandering around this part of the district. What a lot of travellers worry about is getting lost but after a while you will notice that there is actually a system almost which works out as circle so it’s pretty hard to get lost after your first lap. It’s such a great way to experience the best of Bangkok’s culture. Various sections of the market are open at different times of the week. The days to visit are Saturday & Sunday as they’re open 8am-9pm.

To get here we took a taxi from Khao San Road to the Metro which costs us 150 Baht / £3.60 to Chatuchak Park when it’s busy and the Metro cost 30 Baht – £0.72

Grab some Coconut Ice Cream

Coconut Ice-cream is just delicious. We found this cheeky desert whilst wandering around Chatuchak market. Super hydrating and refreshing, this is the perfect treat if you fancy something sweet but without the refined sugar. Most coconut ice cream is pure coconut, no dairy, however just be careful as we found a few that put milk powder in. Make sure you’re communicating that you just want pure coconut. You can grab one for up to 60 Baht in most places.

Thai Massage

The best way to treat yourself here in Thailand is with a traditional Thai massage. There are so many spas around Bangkok that you should do your research before hand to make sure it’s nothing out of the ordinary (if you get me). If your not as bothered on the  person giving the massage feel free to walk into one of the many parlours located on the streets of Bangkok. Prices can range from 150-1000 Baht so take your pick with whatever treatment you like.

Travel Around Bangkok

Best way to travel around Bangkok is by Grab, Taxi, Metro or Tuk Tuk. There are many buses that run from the centre of Bangkok to the outskirts ranging from 30 Baht to 50 Baht. 

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