Ten Tips for Traveling the East Coast

Ten Tips for Traveling the East Coast

ONE. Do your own research. The east coast of Australia stretches for roughly 2,600km from Sydney to Cairns. There are plenty of beautiful spots in between so don’t just listen to your booking agent. Follow your own path..

TWO. Don’t rush. Leading on from the last point, if you have the time, use it. There is nothing worse than rushing your way through the east coast when there is so much you can see and do.

Artwork we found in a service station.

THREE. Don’t waste your money, advice not only for the east coast. Yep there is loads of things to do and see. Emotions may be running high and you may be experiencing new levels of excitement, its just sensible to keep an eye on your budget. You will be surprised by the amount of people that don’t..

FOUR. Shop around when looking for tours. Something we learned the hard.. expensive way. There is always a better deal to be bought, you just have to play your cards right.

FIVE. Open tickets for tours are a thing. If you have no itinerary what so ever but you do find that awesome deal, its cool don’t worry. Don’t be pressured into booking tours with specific dates if you want to go with the flow.

Rusty’s Market in Cairns.

SIX. The Premier Bus is cheaper than the Greyhound, by like $115AUD! The one draw back to the premier is that it only operates once a day, two if you’re lucky.

SEVEN. There is more to the east coast than just Fraser Island and Whitsundays. We lost count of how many people we met that had blitzed the east coast and only saw those two. There is so much more!

EIGHT. Carry a ‘fridge bag’ for your food. Essential. Buy them from Coles, Woolys or Aldi.

NINE. Read Hostel Reviews. We had some HORRIBLE nights at Manly Boardrider Backpackers. Lets just say bedbugs, cockroaches, sauna like rooms and a manky ass kitchen aren’t our cups of tea.

Just have an awesome time and make memories!

4×4 tour on Fraser Island.




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