Pete’s Mission – Why Animal Rescue is so Important

Pete’s Mission – Why Animal Rescue is so Important

A few days ago I was scrolling through Instagram looking at locations and things to do in Pai, Thailand when I came across this picture of a puppy which had been rescued by an organisation called Pete’s mission. After looking more into the organisation and doing my own bit of research, I immediately fell in love with the cause.

How it Started.


Pete’s mission was started over a year and a half ago by an Aussie guy called Ryan Godden. Pete was actually his first ever rescue pup which sadly passed away a few years ago after a hit and run. This ultimately inspired Ryan to open up a rescue and rehabilitation centre for injured animals in Pai.

Despite the heart ache that lead Ryan to this decision. He believes that Pete had a bigger picture in mind for him and this is what he was meant to be doing.

When I stumbled onto Pete’s social channel I was immediately drawn to the sweet dogs that were plastered all over the front page. I sent him an inquiry about volunteering for that day, which happened to be 25th December.

What We Did.


After a few messages and a scooter ride later we stumbled upon Ryan’s place just outside of town. We arrived and got straight to work after we were introduced to the current volunteers. We started by walking the dogs in wheelchairs. Don’t think these dogs are slow because they are faster than you think, wheels or no wheels.

Peanut and Chewitt were our furry friends instantly. They ran with us, chased chickens, tried to swim in rivers and utterly loved life. These two wouldn’t have had a chance in the real world without Ryan’s help. You could honestly see it in those perfect eyes that they were truly happy here.

Peanut on the left, Chewitt on the right.

After being introduced to the many other dogs Ryan and his team are caring for we fed Peanut and Chewitt, gave them some undivided love & attention and then left to go and see an injured horse Ryan is also caring for.

Ryan himself

Not only does this Sanctuary care for dogs that are injured and recovering but also other injured animals. Once they get better the team try their best to rehabilitate them into kind and nurturing homes for a fresh start.

Katy is ready for a forever home

Volunteer Process

The volunteer process is pretty awesome. They work from 8-12pm / 3-5pm caring for the dogs, feeding them, walking them and spending some time just to cuddle them. After that they have free rein to go into town, take a nap or cook dinner for the rest of the team. With this allocated work they get free accommodation so its classed as a workaday.

With Volunteering you have to stay a minimum of 2 weeks. This gives people time to connect with the dogs without them being too overwhelmed by constant volunteers.

How You Can Help

Petes mission is run purely off donation and they now help 26 dogs, roughly 8 pigs, 1 horse with only 6 volunteers at a time. We didn’t want to leave as there is such a friendly atmosphere here. One girl even spent 3 months there because she said it’s impossible to leave such an awesome place.

We were lucky enough to get to spend a few hours with them and Ryan to really get to know him and why he started such a beautiful concept.


All Donations go towards the caring and rehabilitating of animals here. After seeing of ourselves we truly believe your donations will help the lives of many dogs here. If we had the time we would of 100% volunteered for this program. If you have any questions about volunteering or adoption email Ryan at otherwise check out their website for more information.


Why Animal Rescue Is So Important?

A lot of people don’t really understand the benefits of animal rescue. Not only do you give animals a loving home and place of safety. But you also give them a life full of kindness and reward. Animals live the same way humans do but in a more minimal way. All they really need is a home, food, exercise and some good love and attention. Especially those who have been mistreated or abused by careless owners in the past. If you have the choice, rescue over adopt. It will not only change your life but most importunely it will change theirs.

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