Three Days in Rome

Rome is a beautiful city with a rich history going all the back to 753 BC, it is a truly amazing place and must see destination for anybody who has the travel bug.

Road Trip Essentials

Having an epic road trip should be on everyone’s bucket list and so should visiting New Zealand, so why not kill two birds with one stone?

How to Survive Traveling With Your Partner

Travelling alone is one thing but travelling with your partner is entirely different.


So we had been wanting to visit Morocco for a long time and we finally got the chance to when we decided to go on ‘holiday’ with some friends.

Ten Tips for Traveling the East Coast

Need a little info about travelling the east coast of Australia? Here are ten tips to help with your travel plans.

Five Misconceptions of Couples Who Travel

Being two different people we have two different sets of interests. Theres only so much sunbathing one guy can take before he gets bored.


We don’t know what we loved most about this place, it’s people, its historical landmarks or it’s food.

Five Favourite Places North Island

Planning on visiting New Zealand any time soon? If you are, here’s five of our favourite places in the North Island to help with your travel inspiration.

North Island

The only and best way to see this beautiful country was by driving so within days of being in Auckland city we bought a car and set off on a two month trip.

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