North Island

The only and best way to see this beautiful country was by driving so within days of being in Auckland city we bought a car and set off on a two month trip.


Tucked away in the hillsides of Matamata, I think we managed to take way to many photos of our magical around Hobbiton.

Five Favourite Places Australia

If you’re planning on visiting Australia soon here’s our five favourite places to help with your travel inspiration.

Road Trip Melbourne to Perth

This trip finalised our last memory of Australia and it was by far one of the best road trips we will ever make.

Morning Views

Waking up to an ever changing view is probably the best part about doing a road trip.

Northern Territory & Red Centre

After a few months of saving during our time in Cairns, we decided to pack up our bags and hit the ground running, starting in the most humid and driest place in Australia, Darwin.

Perth & Fremantle

When we booked our flights, we had no idea what we would expect from this place. Personally I thought it would be another huge city with a nice beach but boy was I wrong.


Have you ever explored a place where you feel like it’s going to change the way you see the world after you’ve left? Bali happened to be that place for us.

East Coast

Our east coast trip was our first major trip together. We started out in Sydney and travelled by coach and slept in hostels every night until we arrived in Cairns three months later.

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