Less Than 24 hours In Copenhagen

Less Than 24 hours In Copenhagen

Do you know what we love most about stop overs? The fact that we get to spend 24 hours or less wandering aimlessly around countries. Discovering landmarks both explored by tourists and secret spots. Cute cafes that serve food in the most quaint ceramic pottery you can find, boutiques that blow your pin-interest boards out the window and best of all meeting the locals who live on this beautiful land. We hope you enjoy as much as we did, our post, Less Than 24 hours In Copenhagen.

Things To Do

Copenhagen is more or less an interior architects dream location. For all you dreamers out there, this happens to be the best place for not only interior inspiration to blow your neighbours house right out of the water but they serve the best coffee in town. Did I say town, I meant country. I honestly hold a place in my heart for this city! Here are a few things that we found to make the most out of the time we had in this captivating part of Scandinavia.

I don’t think you could run out of things to do when you arrive here. This place is filled with magic around every corner. Make sure you bring some woolies (if visiting in winter) and some good walking trainers as this place never stops. Whether you’re walking around all day exploring or cycling around the city, you don’t want to be sat inside unless it’s for some well and truly needed hygge time in the local cafe with a cup of hot chocolate and some good company.

  • Christmas Markets (If your there in winter like us). They serve almost everything here, if your as obsessed with the Scandinavian cutlery as I am this is also a great place to buy anything wooden, not to mention the waffles are also a treat if you’ve got a sweet tooth.
  • Rent a bike and ride around the Central District or maybe venture out towards Christianshavn where there’s an awesome place called Freetown Christiania, a cute little hippie town surrounded by graphite.
  • Take a walk around the central shopping district with big brands such as HM and Zara but also scattered around there are some really beautiful boutiques that sell things like sustainable fashion, home made pottery and plenty of Art work to keep you inspired.
  • The Central District isn’t known for just it’s shopping but famous Copenhagen landmarks such as Nyhavan, the Round Tower, Tivoli Gardens to name a few which you can visit for a small fee.
  •  Alongside that if you want to spend the afternoon learning about the history of Copenhagen there are numerous museums dotted around the city such as the National Museum of Denmark and the Open air museum which work out free too. (Unfortunately we didn’t get to see any but have heard great reviews)

Places To Stay

Copenhagen is known for its classic but minimal designs in terms of accommodation. We were stuck for choice when we first arrived however only being here for 24 hours limited us so we made the best out of a not so bad situation. Not only does Copenhagen encourage you to stay but it almost make’s it harder to leave once you’ve arrived. Here are a few locations around that seemed to offer a decent nights sleep for a price that doesn’t hurt your purse strings but also fits into your dreamy Copenhagen plan.

  • Copenhagen backpacker hostel Perfect for a stop over as it’s two minutes away from the local Metro. Budget friendly and they also add a buffet breakfast for an extra 55 krone (£5)
  • .  Airbnb  – You can find anything from your boutique apartments to the highest of pent houses here. – location can be anywhere around the city – perfect for couples and working professionals who are looking to spend their travel in more of a luxury setting with added privacy.
  • . Avenue Copenhagen – For more accessible and affordable accommodation Avenue offers rooms dedicated to the danish theme of Hygee as well as rooms with views, great for people watching with breakfast in bed. Based in the city centre with bike rental and a bar in case you need hot or alcoholic drink to start your day right.


There are many and I mean many ways to travel around Copenhagen. We opted for metro as it run’s straight from the airport into the centre, it costs  72krone for two people (£8 roughly) but you have options like the trains which are pretty frequent and also taxis if you prefer the comfort and the quickest option – 250/300 krone (£30 roughly)

Eco-Friendly Tips

When we started this travel blog we wanted to make sure that what we did whilst we traveled impacted the way in which our readers see travel but also in a way that doesn’t impact the planet. We wanted to make each trip as eco-friendly as possible offering options for people who would like to try and travel this way for the long term or for people who just wanted to be more careful as they explore.

  • Eco friendly accommodation – “As a guest at Copenhagen Admiral Hotel you are environmentally friendly, and you can enjoy your stay with a clean conscience. Our hotel has the Eco-labeled Green Key, because we make an extra effort to protect the environment”. Admiral Hotel   
  • As coffee is huge in this culture, you will find a whole lot of coffee mugs for sale in shops, cafes and sometimes even accommodation as they are trying to create less waste by removing plastic cups from the system.
  • The most popular and effective way to explore Copenhagen without releasing any carbon emission fuels is by bicycle. Bicycles are like ants, They are EVERYWHERE. You will not have trouble renting out a bicycle as you can get them from majority of hotels or hostels ranging from 60-75krone per day.

We hope you enjoyed our post, Less Than 24 hours In Copenhagen! If you did please leave a comment below, we’d love to know your thoughts.

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