How to Survive Traveling With Your Partner

How to Survive Traveling With Your Partner

Travelling alone is one thing but travelling with your partner is entirely different. One of the most exciting things for couples to experience is to be lost overseas with each other, discovering new places, tasting new delicacies, and learning more about each other and yourself. That being said it’s hard to imagine anything going wrong before your departure but circumstances can soon turn sour if you’re not prepared to travel together. For long term partners, honeymooners, and fun loving couples, here are some tips and bits of advice to help you survive travelling with your partner.

Different people like different things, including your other half. Its not always easy to decided on where you want to go next and what you want to do. The key is to find a happy medium that suits you both and allows you to get the most out of your trip. If like us, one of you enjoys relaxing and the other adventure, be sure to mix up those lazy beach days with awesome packed activity ones.

Value Personal Time
More for those long haul journeys. Travelling together can take its toll and cause a strain on your relationship. Make sure you allow yourselves plenty of personal time and give each other their space when needed. Don’t be scared to adventure out on your own or chill out with your headphones in and a book in hand.

Respect Each Others Interests

As two individual people you want to experience different things and thats ok. Realising that certain activities will appeal to you and not your partner is important. Nobody likes to be stuck doing something they don’t enjoy and it’s quite easy to pick up on those signals. You need to show your partner that you care enough to let them do what they want and respect that decision. As we mentioned earlier ,’compromise’. Or better yet, why not join them in their interest? You might discover a new love for something if you open up, that’s how we both found yoga, Tyler did it first.

DCIM100GOPROShare The Load – But Don’t Worry If It’s Not 50/50
Being a couple means that you are able to rely on each other when paying for expenses, however in many relationships money can cause problems and get in between the fun stuff. As an individual you need to contribute what you can to keep the relationship equal. Its not about keeping score over your partner, sharing is caring. At some point one of you will have more money than the other, just keep in mind you’re in this together and money is only money. Try share costs as much as possible but don’t beat yourself up over it. You’re a team remember.

Make Friends
As humans it is natural for us to socialise. Making friends on the road is essential not only for your own personal benefits, but to relieve each of you of the rising irritations that are caused by spending too much time together. You have gone travelling to enjoy yourselves and have fun, meeting new and exciting people is a part of that experience.

IMG_3897Pack Sensibly
It’s a small note, but packing sensibly can help so much. Nobody enjoys carrying around overweight and unnecessary luggage, especially if its your partners. It’s a good idea to make a joint list before you travel and ditch the ‘just in case’ items as they will rarely be used.

Keep the Romance Alive
Lastly, the most important of all. There is a huge difference between being in a relationship and devoting time to your relationship. It is easy to lose sight of each other and have romance fizzle out when you’re preoccupied with the world around you. Although being with your partner should feel natural, you need to put the effort in to ensure that the flame never dies. Take a picnic to watch the sunset, a night time stroll across the beach, or an early morning skinny dip in freezing water. It’s little moments like these that will do wonders for your relationship on the road.



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