How To Be Eco-Friendly Whilst Traveling SE Asia.

How To Be Eco-Friendly Whilst Traveling SE Asia.

We always start our travel planning by scrolling around Instagram and Pin-interest for inspiration. Most of the time you find these magical beaches with turquoise waters. However when you actually get there you find rubbish submerged in the sand. Bottles floating in the oceans and bits of plastic in every place you look. If you want to make a difference whilst you travel, Here’s our guide on How To Be Eco-Friendly Whilst Traveling SE Asia.

Staying hydrated without using any plastic.

These tips are what have helped us do our part whilst traveling around Asia and will hopefully help you to keep your footprint as eco as possible whilst you travel.

Here’s a list of travel accessories we recommend buying before your big trip.

1. Reusable Coffee Cup

Ecoffee Cup from Amazon.

Everyone loves coffee and majority of places in SE Asia especially Thailand, Vietnam and Phillipines thrive from their coffee culture. However if you’re buying cups everyday, it all can amount to a huge amount of waste which doesn’t get recycled. First step is a reusable coffee cup. Then you can drink as much as you want without having to worry about the ocean swallowing it up afterwards.

2. Carry your own Lunch Box.

With traveling, especially if you’re backpacking lunch boxes are a dream for those long train journeys and 12 hour buses. Not only can you ask restaurants for your food into the container but you can also avoid carrying any unnecessary cartons. Reusable, eco friendly and great for holding your snacks!

3. Reusable Straw.

Most cafes and Restaurants give you a straw with your drink. Majority of Straws are single use plastics which usually end up in our beautiful ocean.

Eco-friendly juice.

“One study, published in October 2017 in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, estimated that 88 to 95% of plastic pollution in the oceans came from 10 rivers. Eight of them were in Asia, and the other two were in Africa”.

This is where you can do your bit and hold onto your straw to avoid this excess waste and ultimately do your bit for saving the amount of pollution added to our rivers.

4. Take a Reusable Bottle 500ml.

Plastic bottles are a huge drain on our resources, not only do we not have enough plantations to recycle them but we using them faster than we are recycling them which is turning into a major problem. We recently did a beach clean up and of what we found was either a plastic bottle or the cap from one. This is where buying a recyclable bottle is your most important asset whilst traveling.

In Asia it’s easier than most people think to drink clean water without having to buy BPA Plastic bottles. Most locals don’t even drink the water from the taps! Heres a few tips to stay healthy and hydrated whilst you travel around Asia.

Refillable drinking stations.
  • Refill your bottle at restaurants (instead of buying a bottle) from their huge water canisters.
  • Buy water purifying tablets for your trip. ( Better for shorter stays rather than 6 month trips for health reasons.)
  • Do you research and find accommodation which do free re-fills of water. That way you can fill up your bottle at any point.
  • Water Filters for your bottles. Some of these can be quite pricey but if your investing in your trip, it’s definitely worth the price.

5. Eating with Cutlery.

Cutlery is given with every meal from market stalls so to avoid this problem, carry around your own cutlery to help avoid any unnecessary excess waste.

6. Bring your own Reusable Bag.

Whilst traveling there are numerous amounts of bargains to had from clothes to souvenirs, books, snorkels, trinkets etc. Especially when your wandering around the markets with your purse out. Help avoid the amount of plastic bags you take by bringing your own bag. Not only do you get to keep it after one use but it comes in handy when having to carry everything from island to island.

7. Biodegradable Cleaning Wipes.

This is the perfect tool to keep your body happy whilst also being kind to the planet. Cleaning wipes come in handy for everything so why not keep it clean and add them to your makeup bag. It’s also a lot easier to carry than bottles of make up remover.

We hoped you enjoyed our post How To Be Eco-Friendly Whilst Traveling SE Asia. If you have any great tips please suscribe and comment below.


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