Five Favourite Places North Island

Five Favourite Places North Island

Tyler’s Five

Bay of Islands: You know when you get a headache from starring too long at something well that didn’t happen here. The views were awesome and I just couldn’t bare to part with the sand between my toes, the rush of the ocean air and the sound of water crashing as I drifted off to sleep. I felt like part of the earth when I came here, nothing will ever quite compare.

Auckland: Pack me up and send me to this city any day. We spent countless hours rummaging through the streets of Auckland feeling lost and found all at the same time. We found high street shops, buskers, a harbour filled to the brim with boats and the open ocean. What more could you ask for in New Zealand’s biggest city. For the percentage of people who live here they can enjoy the best of both worlds with a few hours drive to the nearest national park to waking up in the hustle and bustle of Auckland’s great nightlife.

Piha: Piha has to be my all time dream destination. I could spend hours just dipping my toes into the black sand whilst the ice cold water washes away any expectations the world has of me. This place is made of pure love and nature, thats all I can really say when It comes to describing it . How do you describe paradise? You can’t really you just have to go there.

Rotorua: Firstly this place happens to be the worst smelling town I have ever step foot in, bare in mind its built on top of hundreds of sulphuric craters But despite the smell its one hell of a place to explore. If your looking for activities this is where you go.

Coromandel Peninsula: I enjoyed every second of driving down this breathtaking road. You could spend hours driving throughout the day because everything is so beautiful, the towns, the beaches and even the people, it’s just spectacular. No drive will ever match to this one, It will be like driving through your very own paradise, but better!

Luke’s Five

Mt Taranaki: For a days hike over a mountain people usually look towards Tongariro but for me Taranaki took it. It had less crowds and tougher terrain, definitely a must do for people who love a challenge. The birds eye view from the top is pretty awesome, you can see across to Mt Ruapehu and the huge circular boundary of the National Park, an amazing sight.

Hobbiton: This is purely because I’m a super fan of the LOTR and Hobbit trilogies haha. You can live out your fantasy of being in middle earth and re-enact some of your favourite scenes! Beware it is a massive tourist attraction, I suggest going in the off season like we did.

I know what you’re all thinking.. Rotorua, really? Yep! Even though the town is small and smelly we did some absolutely awesome stuff. Walking through redwoods, white water rafting, luging, and zorbing. We had a nice camping spot outside of the town and could have easily stayed here longer despite the smell.

Napier: It was awesome walking through the streets of the Art Deco buildings; it was like stepping back in time almost. I found that Napier was a very easy going place which is why I liked it so much. Here we set up base for a few weeks, saving money by working in a hostel, apple picking, waiting on tables and some casual labouring, we were living trouble free.

Taupo: I’m sort of biased to Taupo, the big lake is home to my distant relatives, I feel a stronger connection to the place every time I visit. Taupo is pretty much adventure capital of the north, biking, bungy jumping and skydiving are only a handful of activities you can do here. Also it has super easy access to Rotorua and the Tongariro National Park, win win.



  1. February 24, 2017 / 5:22 pm

    All awesome places!!! Is Hobbiton touristy these days? I’m doing a trip planning around North Island for late March ☺️

    • February 25, 2017 / 11:35 am

      Hobbiton will always be kind of busy, we went in April and it wasn’t as busy but still touristy. low season is always better to see things like that though 🙂

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