A Winter Morning on Chrome Hill

The alarm sounded at 5:00am. The day before I was in two minds of whether or not I should bother getting up so early to meet with random strangers to take photos of a hill. Jay (@_jay_oak) picked myself and roommate Fareez (@kuicphotos) up at 5:30am and we drove for about one hour to reach the rendezvous point of Chrome Hill in the Peak District. It was the end of January and we were forecast a beautiful morning, cold but beautiful and the further we got from Manchester the more snow we could see on the hills around us. I’m not going to lie I got a little giddy, it’s not often we get legit snow in the UK. The longer we stayed out taking photos, the more childish we all became, snowballs were thrown, snowmen were built, snowmen were annihilated and the odd person got floored. I never knew what would happen when I set my alarm for 5:00am, but looking back I’m glad I did.



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