9 Things You Must do in Singapore.

9 Things You Must do in Singapore.

Singapore was never the kind of place we felt like we had to visit but after just a few days there we didn’t want to leave. With skyrises overlooking the city, eco-conscious botanical gardens to spend your afternoons in, cultural hubs filled with local delicious food and memories to last a lifetime. Singapore is the place to be. We hope you enjoy our 9 Things You Must do in Singapore.

Gardens By the Bay (Day & Night).

Gardens By the Bay has to be the most iconic feature That Singapore has to offer. Run solely off solar panels which surrounds the premises, these huge trees and it’s captivating appearance is definitely worth a visit. Not only are they eye-catching during mid-day but at night the grounds are packed with people waiting to experience the most incredible light show. It was truly a magical experience. Our favourite was the Cloud Forest – a must visit.

TIP: The light show runs every day on the grounds, from 7 pm-7 30 pm after the sun sets. Get there early to grab a seat, or in our case a spot on the ground.

TIP: The light show is completely FREE.


Visit the Science and Arts Museum.

We found this place by scrolling through Instagram, we thought it would just be one room filled with crazy effects but this Museum is so much more than we realized. They’re multiple rooms filled with extraordinary concepts and creations, lights and imagery, enough to make you want to spend the whole day exploring.

TIP: Tickets costs $30 for adults and $17 for children.

Experience a Tradition Tea Appreciation.

Choosing the perfect tea.

Tea appreciation originates from the Chinese culture dating back to hundreds of years ago. When our guide took us here we had no idea what to expect, all we knew was that tea was involved in some way. Not only do you experience how to drink tea in a more peaceful and mindful way but you get to choose from so many distinguished teas that you feel at peace once you’ve finished the first 3 cups. Great way to spend a chilled afternoon away from the hustle of the city.

TIP: We found this place through our guide so if you want to enjoy an experience like this during your travels contact our good friend Pam.


Walk around China Town.

China town is one of the best places to visit when in Singapore. Known for its creative market stalls filled with traditional Chinese souvenirs and local fruit such as Durian. This is a great place to spend a few hours immersing yourself in the local cuisine and exploring the cultural side of Singapore.

ECO TIP: Make sure you take a bag for shopping. If you want to know how to travel more mindfully check How to be Eco-Friendly whilst Traveling SE Asia.

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Explore Marina Bay Sands (Day & Night).

Another eye-catching location which you have to put on your to-do list. Marina Bay Sands is a huge hotel with 3 pillars and the boat looking fixture on top. Take a stroll here during the day for a great view of the city. Then at night make sure you find yourself a seat to watch their water show.

TIP: The show starts around sunset. We arrived at 8 pm and got a great view of the show by watching from the pier.

Being Silly around the Marina Bay.

Go shopping at The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands Mall.

If you fancy some shopping, this mall is filled with more luxury brands than you can think of. Tiffany & Co, Gucci, Estes Lauder and much more. The prices are high end so even if you don’t shop it’s still worth a visit. It also has a huge food court with different types of cultural dishes and if the food isn’t enough they have a river running through the middle of the mall which you can grab a tour boat and sail around on.

Luke being cute.

Stroll around The Botanical Gardens.

Gardens by the bay is the best place to spend a lazy afternoon, strolling around in the sun and admiring the local beauty which surrounds this place. The water reserves that supply the plants are all organically sourced from natural rainwater which is captured during the rainy season. Not only is it a beautiful garden to explore but it is made and ran by earth’s natural resources. Win win if you ask us!

TIP: The Botanical Gardens are completely free.

Discover Haji Lane.

Located a little out of the center is the cute and quirky Haji Lane. Filled with hip boutiques and trendy cafes you must visit the place for some and local shopping. Most shops focus on the 70’s so be prepared to listen to funky tunes as you walk around.

Did someone say shopping?

Eat Your Heart out in Little India.

If you love good food, make sure you find Little India, located a 20-minute walk from the center. With stalls everywhere, filled with your favorite Indian dishes, there is something for everyone in this cute little village.

On the Hunt for vegan food.

Travel Around Singapore.

Walking happened to be the best way to get around Singapore as grabs are a little more pricey here. There’s also the MRT which is an underground route (similar to that of a tube or underground train) that takes you to anywhere you need to be.

Stay in Singapore.

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