Five Favourite Places Australia

Five Favourite Places Australia

Coffs Harbour: This place was where we met our first bunch of friends. We celebrated our friendship with paddleboarding and drunken karaoke.

Agnes Water: Pretty much my favourite because we were utter beach bums. For 2 weeks our daily routine was; surf, work 2 hours for our accommodation, draw, surf and sleep.

Cairns: This was our longest period in one place (four months). I managed to find dancers and like minded creatives within such a small town and became really close friends. We worked, chilled and trained pretty much.

Red Centre: A very large location it self. I just couldn’t pick and choose between the memories we made here. Our tour with Mulga’s was hands down the best, everything was perfect. Extra points because of the Aboriginal culture we learnt and the inspiration I got from being amongst these big red rocks.

Fremantle: If you want to live in Australia, it should be here. I personally couldn’t get enough of this place and its surroundings. We got up to so much, swimming with sea lions, kayaking with dolphins, snorkelling through caves, boat trips to Rottnest and Carnac.

Uluru at Sunrise

Tyler’s Five

Perth: This place has my heart for sure. I think it’s the way of life people have here that makes it so contagious. Work part-time or full-time but that doesn’t matter because its beautiful all the time, picnic with your girlfriends, beach dates, culture for days or never ending sunsets that make you feel like you’ve landed on another planet.

Byron Bay: From surfers to the hippie crochet stalls to mystical crystal shops you see on your way to the beach, everything about this place screams spirituality, and thats why I love it.

Wave Lookout, Agnes Water

Agnes Water: Like Luke said, this place is so chilled. It’s truly a place where time could stand still whilst your surfing you just would not care, talk about being carefree.

Manly: This place has the vibes all travellers dream of. Spend your days at surf/skate festivals, then party all night! What more could you want? Never mind that theres so many market days and the atmosphere is just awesome 24/7. You will never be bored here.

Melbourne: Being here made me feel little less homesick. Coming from a big city, it was like a second home. You’ve got the bad weather but also the beach. You’ve got the city but also cute St Kilda. Theres so much to see and do, I loved Melbourne for everything it is and everything it’s not. It’s just perfect.

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