10 Things to Do in Pai

10 Things to Do in Pai

Pai happened to be the place that was on everyones radar as we traveled around the north of Thailand. People would ask us ‘Have you been to Pai yet?”. After a while we decided that we had to take a trip to this place. Not only is it one of our favourite places we’ve visited and it’s great for a short get away from Chiang Mai city. We hope you enjoy our 10 Things to Do in Pai.

Do Some Yoga at Pai Yoga Shala.

When you arrive in Pai you’ll notice the vibes are very chilled. There’s live music, meditation and yoga classes dotted all around Pai. A very similar feel to Ubud in Bali. One studio we fell in love with, if you like traditional Vinyasa yoga, is Pai Yoga Shala. The classes range from beginner to intermediate so you will easily find your zen no matter what level you are at.


Take a Dip in The Fluid Pool.

We managed to catch some of the most amazing weather during our trip to Pai. Some days the weather would reach in the 30’s and it would feel like you were melting in your deck chairs. This is where we found The Fluid Pool located just outside of Pai’s centre. It’s the perfect spot to go for an afternoon with friends or just to sit and read a book in a rubber ring. Not too crazy in terms of partying but they do have some nice cold beers if you’re in the mood.

Eat at Om Garden Cafe.

We went to this cafe about 3 times in the space of 3 days. The food here is delicious at best and if we could we would go back. We recommend the avo on toast with hummus and tomatoes or the coconut porridge for a delicious start to your day.

Bamboo Bridge

Rent a Scooter.

Most of Pai’s excursions are located outside of the town centre so it’s probably best you grab yourself a scooter and take a trip, just be mindful that you need an international drivers license beforehand to avoid any problems with the police.

Tip: You can also book tours if you don’t feel comfortable riding a scooter. Majority of hostels and hotels haven rentals at their location for as little as $3 a day.

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Pai Canyon
Pai Canyon

Visit Pai Canyon at Sun Set.

Pai Canyon is not too far by scooter. Its mounds of earth give you the perfect spot to watch the sun decend behind the hills in a fiery red colour. We were super lucky to witness the full moon rise as the sun faded from the sky on this rare occasion. It’s easy to walk up and great location for pictures.

Tip: Be aware that this is a popular tourist destination so there will be lots of people around at sunset.

Visit Some Waterfalls.

There are 2 popular waterfalls located around Pai, Pam Bok and Mae Yen. Both of which are beautiful however not easy to swim in. We recommend taking a picnic, some beers and a great company if you plan to visit these and just relax amongst fellow travellers and locals.

Volunteer at Petes Mission.

From one of our last posts we talked about Petes Mission where you could volunteer at the local dog sanctuary. Classed as a Workaday Project you spend everyday looking after injured dogs on the outskirts of Pai. For more information check out our other post.

Take a Dip in the Hot Springs.

There are also 2 hot springs in Pai, Sai Ngam and Ta Pai. We didn’t make it to Sai Ngam unfortunately but heard it was super beautiful. We did visit Sai Ngam though and that was also situated amongst some lush scenery. The temperature does range in heat but it mostly sits around 20-25 degrees during the day and is perfectly shielded from the sun so you could even go for dip during a hot summers day.

Tip: Enter fee is 200Baht at the bottom of the road but you will also have to pay 20Baht extra when you get to the actual hot spring.

Visit the Walking Street.

The walking street is located in the centre of Pai, from one end to the other is colourful shops, cafes, tattoo parlours, smoothie bars and so much more. At night it transforms into this cultural night market filled with street vendors selling variations of cuisine ranging from Mexican, Indian and Italian.

Tip: Plenty of vegan options including our favourites, tacos and coconut ice-cream.

Take a walk on the Bamboo Bridge.

The Bamboo Bridge is located 20 minutes away. We stumbled across this place after scrolling through our instagram feed. It’s a peaceful place to take a wonder around if the days are hot and you’re feeling spontaneous.

Tip: There is a 20Baht Fee to enter and you can also rent one of those cool straw hats for another 20Baht if your feeling fancy.

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