Indian Adventure

Imagine a place where tuck tucks ruled the roads you drive on, where cows parade the streets with a carefree attitude, where yoga is everyones second nature and where the food is almost too good to be true. There is a place that exists with all of these qualities and so much more, that place is called India.

Heres to two months of being a sweaty but happy mess, coming out on top with my yoga instructor qualification which I set out for in the first place but left with a smile from ear to ear and a brain full of knowledge. Continue reading


Van Life – Part One

Ever since our road trip experiences in Australia and New Zealand we have always said to ourselves that we wanted a van of our own. Every day we woke up to an ever-changing horizon, our backyard would switch from a beach to a river, a lake, a mountain or even a car park to spice things up. There is no feeling quite like waking up to a new location every morning and having the freedom to roll wherever you please. We loved it and that lifestyle suited us perfectly as long as we had the petrol money to take us there.
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Mongolia is a land locked country bordered by China and Russia and is one of the least densely populated countries in the entire world. A third of its population live and dwell within its capital Ulan Bator while the rest follow its traditional nomadic culture of herding livestock in its never ending landscape. Not a bad place to go for a bike ride ey?

As Tyler was busy in India becoming a yoga instructor (more on that later), Luke decided to take a trip of a life time and head off with his friend Josh to the pasturelands of Mongolia. Four weeks in total were spent in the lands of Genghis Khan, three of which were spent on a saddle. 695km of trails and tarmac were conquered by leg power and a lot of rice had been eaten. Bums were sore and muscles ached, we got sunburnt, chased by dogs and battered by hail storms, but looking back, it was one hell of a trip. Continue reading


If you haven’t heard of Bali you must have been living under a rock somewhere for the past few years. Bali, a small island hidden in the land of Indonesia, is now one of the most sought out travel destination of the 21st century. Travellers far and wide flock to Denpasar airport to get their dose of island life and who could blame them for doing so, here are six reason why we think Bali is beautiful. Continue reading


Rome is a beautiful city with a rich history going all the back to 753 BC, it is a truly amazing place and must see destination for anybody who has the travel bug. Once you have your flights and accommodation booked, the next part is to figure out what to see and do for the duration of your visit. For those of you that struggle with the research and planning stage, we have created this little guide to help you explore the streets of Rome and not miss a thing, if you have already planned your trip to the Italian capital but are wondering if theres anything that you have missed then by all means read on, we hope this helps.
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Road trippin’ is by far the best way to see and experience a country, you have the freedom to go anywhere and see anything you want. Having an epic road trip should be on everyone’s bucket list and so should visiting New Zealand, so why not kill two birds with one stone? New Zealand is practically road trip heaven with its amazing landscapes and outstanding scenery, you are guaranteed to make unforgettable memories. So for those of you who are interested in hitting the open road, here’s a few pointers to help you have an awesome time as you travel through Aotearoa, ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud’. Happy road trippin’! Continue reading